The trailer for a feature documentary film by Brian Lally on the life and music of Roger Doyle (2018).

The Curious Works of Roger Doyle – Trailer from Instigator Films on Vimeo.

Roger Doyle, as part of General Practice, performs live at Whelan’s Dublin (2005), with Keith O’Brien, Hugh O’Neill, Trevor Knight.

Video of Roger playing Baby Grand, one of Six Pieces For Pupils Who Don’t Like Exams, on Irish TV (2004)

Roger Doyle performs ‘Wassane’ (an extract) at Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2011), with Robbie Harris and Niwel Tsumbu.

Roger Doyle performs the full version of ‘Wassane’ in Beijing, China (2012)

Video extracts from a performance of Act 1 in 2013 at the Dublin Theatre Festival of Doyle’s work in progress opera The Death By Fire Of Giordano Bruno

The New Triangle in concert at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin with Roger Doyle (piano), Vyvienne Long (cello) and Niwel Tsumbu (guitar) (2013)

Dance-Theatre company ICONTACT formed by choreographer Snaggy O’Sullivan and Roger Doyle. Their production BABEL – DELUSIONAL ARCHITECTURE took place in an entire wing of the Irish Museum of Modern Art (1992)