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  • The Electrification Of Night by Roger Doyle

  • HERESY by Roger Doyle


NEW: THE ELECTRIFICATION OF NIGHT, Electronic sounds and keyboard-based software instruments. 14 new pieces.

HERESY, an electronic opera based on the life and works of visionary philosopher/monk Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake in 1600. Double album with 24 page booklet.

THE HERESY OSTRACA fragments audio files from the HERESY opera making remarkable new pieces from the re-assemblage.

The documentary The Curious Works of Roger Doyle screened at the Galway Film Fleadh, Irish Film Institute, and Cork, Dingle, Belfast and Yonkers Film Festivals. Recent cinema release at Cineworld Dublin, Eye Cinema Galway. DVD and online April 2020.


Roger Doyle – composer, keyboardist and producer of own music, in concert and in the studio. Likes to work on large projects and to collaborate with others. His music is a celebration of the multiplicity of musical languages and evolving technologies.
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